In an age where younger generations are leaning away from jewelry, we at Watanabeya aspire to reach out so more people can rediscover the wonder of and cultivate a fascination for jewelry. We are committed to creating jewelry that feels comfortable and familiar. We challenge ourselves persistently for that purpose.

The smile of joy on our customer's face is everything.

This is our comittment at Watanabeya.
We stand by the idea that not just our employees at Watanabeya but also everyone involved in the process including our clients and consumers are able to share the delight of our satisfied customers.


Watanabeya is involved in the entire process from production to sales of the products because we believe that this is the only method to provide what all of us truly desire.

We deliver happiness to society with our continuous creative innovations.


Fashion Jewelry Collection

Designed for everyday wear, catering to the younger generation clientele. The pieces are manufactured both domestically and internationally using mainly 10K materials.

Fine Jewelry Collection

Offering mainly diamond products for the more mature and sophisticated clientele.

The products are manufactured in Japan, and our experienced craftsmen make it possible to achieve quality excellence. OEM and ODM services are also available. We aim to address the customers' vast needs and requirements without compromise.

Our basic products are always in stock to ensure speedy service in case of urgent and last minute requests. This allows us to support our customers in reducing inventory risks and optimizing inventory turnover. Since January 2016, we have stationed Japanese on-site residents in the production locations abroad. We are constantly challenging quality improvement.


Company Name WATANABEYA Co., Ltd.
Founded September 1, 2014
Incorporated September 1, 2016
Capital JPY 8 Million
Shin Watanabe
Office Location [Google Map]
2-2-14 Shimoishida
Phone +81-55-225-6650
Fax +81-55-225-6651
Web https://www.watanabeya.asia/en/
Email hello@watanabeya.asia
Employees 3 (as of October 2020)


Sept. 1, 2014 Established
Oct. 2014 Signed contract with Vietnamese manufacturer to lay foundation for production capabilities
Oct. 2015 Moved office due to company expansion
Sept. 1, 2016 Incorporated company due to expansion
April. 2020 Established a new office building